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This is an Live Website Development certification course like no other!

Learn the art of creating appealing WordPress websites, blogs, eCommerce sites, and more with the MS Digital Institute WordPress online course for beginners.

This is the most comprehensive and completely practical-oriented WordPress course that covers everything from scratch. The course includes WordPress certification, job assistance, training by experienced WP developers, regular LIVE classes (not a pre-recorded course), and practice on different types of websites.

Enroll now in the best WordPress online course with a certificate, and master the skill of WordPress website designing!

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Website Development Certification That Make You Standout

You will be assisted in getting valuable Website Development certificates under different domains upon successful completion of your Website Development course.

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Start your career in one of the most promising fields in the industry, Website Development. Join our 1000+ MS Digital Institute alumni who got placed in Some of the top companies with an average salary of 3.2LPA.


You don't have to step out of your house to learn and earn! Here's an opportunity for homepreneurs to upskill in all the necessary modules of Website Development and generate a great source of passive income.


The more skills you equip yourself with, the more diverse can be your freelance portfolio. Pitch and get a lot of national and international clients and generate steady income by learning the right digital skills.

Website Development Course Syllabus

Our live Website Development course has an extensive list of modules to ensure all the major areas of digital marketing are covered.

  • What is a Website and What is WordPress, it's advantages, etc.

  • What is a Domain name and Web Hosting and How to buy?

  • cPanel Introduction, Business Email, SSL and WordPress Installation

  • How to create WordPress pages?
  • How to create a menu in WordPress?
  • Create a subpage in WordPress
  • Enable/disable option on WP page
  • How to publish a post on WordPress?
  • How to create categories and add them to the menu?
  • Adding Child Category in WordPress
  • Set Posts Limit Per Page In WordPress
  • Post Excerpt in WordPress
  • How to set any page as a Homepage
    in WordPress?
  • Blog page setup
  • Approve, Edit, or Delete Comments
    in WordPress Post
  • How to Create a Custom Menu in WordPress?
  • Change permalinks in WordPress
  • Different types of WordPress widgets
  • Use Calendar widget
  • Recent post widget
  • Change Logo & Website Title
  • Create Footer Section using the widget RSS Feeds widget
  • Add Visitor Counter
  • Add Image Gallery in WordPress (FooGallery Image Gallery Plugin)
  • How to Schedule WordPress Posts?
  • Organize WordPress Media Library
  • Use Simple Meta Slider in WordPress
  • Simple Meta Theme Option
  • Carousel slider in WordPress
  • Create a Mobile Responsive Menu
  • Hide Default Theme Mobile Menu
    in WordPress
  • Password Protect Page or Post in WordPress
  • Increase the WordPress Maximum
    Upload File Size
  • Duplicate Post in WordPress
  • Create a Slider in WordPress
    (Using Smart Slider Plugin)
  • Add Buttons & Headings in Slideshow
  • Block Editor to Classic Editor
  • Recent Posts with Thumbnails
  • Custom Post Order in WordPress
  • Add Contact Form 7 in WordPress
  • Setup WP SMTP in WordPress with Contact Form 7 on Localhost
  • Add Radio Button in Contact Form 7
  • Add CheckBox in Contact Form 7
  • Add Select box or Dropdown List in Contact Form 7
  • Add Quiz Option in Contact Form 7
  • Add File Attachment in Contact Form 7
  • Add a Date Picker Option in Contact Form 7
  • Display Contact Form 7
  • Redirection of Contact Form 7 to a Thank You Page
  • Pop Up Message for Contact Form 7
  • Add Google Recaptcha to Contact Form 7
  • Add WP Date picker
  • Add Google Translate in WordPress
  • Add Google Maps in WordPress
  • Add Google Fonts in WordPress
  • Add Google Forms in WordPress
  • Change or remove the Footer copyright text
  • Embed PDF on Your WordPress Website
  • Easily Hide Widget Title in WordPress
  • Change the Text Colour in WordPress
  • Change the Font Size in WordPress
  • Add Tables in WordPress Without Plugin
  • Add Tables Using TablePress Plugin
    in WordPress
  • Open External Links in a New Tab
  • Add YouTube Video to WordPress
  • Add Video gallery in WordPress
  • Add Google Fonts in WordPress
  • Add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress Website
  • Embed Twiter Tweets on WordPress Website
  • Add Facebook Comments on WordPress
  • Add Bing Map in WordPress
  • Add Privacy Policy in Footer Section
  • Disable Right Click On WordPress Website
  • Create Contact Form Using WP Forms Plugin
  • Redirection of WP Forms to the Thank You Page
  • Add Call Now Button on WordPress
  • Create Users & Roles in WordPress
  • Change Password in WordPress Dashboard
  • Reset a WordPress Password using phpMyAdmin Create
  • User Management System
    On WordPress Website
  • Create Column Layouts With Elementor
  • Edit Text Editor in WordPress with Elementor
  • Add Text Heading with Elementor
  • Add Image and Video With Elementor
  • Add MAP with Elementor
  • Adding Buttons With Elementor
  • Adding Dividers
  • Adding Image Box
  • Adding Spacebar
  • Adding Tab designs
  • Adding Spacer
  • Adding Icons and Icon box
  • Adding Toggles
  • Adding Accordion
  • Adding Start Rating
  • Adding Social Icons
  • Adding Image Carousel and Slider
  • Adding Progress Bar
  • Adding Number Counters
  • Elementor Header Footer Builder
  • Essential Addons for Elementor
  • What is WooCommerce?
  • Install and Setup Woocommerce Plugin
  • Install WooCommerce Storefront Theme
  • Set Default Woocommerce Page
  • Create a Basic Page
  • WooCommerce Settings
  • Create First Product in WooCommerce
  • Create Product Categories and Add Product Category to Menu
  • Filter Option on Product Page
  • Setting up the Taxes in WooCommerce
  • Shipping Option in WooCommerce
  • Create Coupons with WooCommerce
  • Add Variable Product In WooCommerce (Different Prices & Images)
  • WooCommerce Cart Page on a WordPress Site
  • WooCommerce Checkout Page
  • Add Cash on Delivery Payment Method in WooCommerce
  • Add Razorpay Payment Gateway in WooCommerce
  • Add Portfolio Section in WordPress
  • Add Pro Gallery in WordPress
  • Add Pro Slider in WordPress
  • Add Animated heading
  • Add Post list in WordPress
  • Add Testimonial slider
  • Flip Box in WordPress
  • Add Call to Action Block
  • Add Countdown Block
  • Add Media Carousel
  • Add Price List in WordPress
  • Add Price Table in WordPress
  • Add Template in WordPress
  • Add a Section in the WordPress
  • Add Forms in WordPress
  • Add Reviews
  • Add Facebook Page
  • Add WooCommerce Product List
  • Yoast SEO
  • Rank Math SEO
  • All in One SEO (AIOSEO)
  • WP Compress– Image Optimizer [All-In-One]
  • Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimize
    and Compress Images
  • WP-Optimize
  • WP Rocket
  • W3 Total Cache

Take charge of your own career. Find International Clients and learn how to close deals in dollars. To land the right client, being at the right place at the right time is important. And by pushing yourself to produce amazing content, the clients will start coming to you. This module will help you become an international freelancer as we will help you tie up with some of the biggest Freelance Marketplaces and help you get your first or next international client.

  • How to choose your highly profitable skill
  • How to identify and target your dream clients
  • How to package and price your services
  • How to create an attractive portfolio
  • How do attract and get your 1st or Next
  • High Paying client Organically How to close the deals and get paid
  • How to set up your Freelancing account on Fiverr & Upwork

Introduction to Website Development Agencies
- Understanding the role and significance of Website Development agencies
- Market research and identifying your niche

Agency Business Setup
- Legal considerations and business structure
- Building a brand identity for your agency
- Developing a business plan and setting realistic goals

Client Acquisition and Relationship Building
- Prospecting and attracting potential clients
- Pitching your agency's services effectively
- Establishing long-term client relationships

Team Building and Outsourcing
- Hiring and managing a team of Website Development professionals
- Outsourcing tasks and leveraging freelancers and agencies

Pricing Strategies and Contracts
- Setting competitive pricing for your services
- Crafting effective client contracts and agreements

Website Development Tools and Software
- Exploring essential tools for digital marketing agencies
- Maximizing efficiency and productivity

Agency Growth and Scaling
- Strategies for scaling your agency and increasing revenue
- Expanding your service offerings and client base

Agency Branding and Marketing
- Promoting your agency through branding and marketing efforts
- Building a strong online presence and reputation

Introduction to Lead Generation
- Understanding the significance of lead generation in marketing
- The role of leads in the sales funnel and business growth

Identifying Your Target Audience
- Profiling and segmenting your ideal customer personas
- Conducting market research to pinpoint your target audience

Lead Magnet Creation
- Crafting irresistible offers and lead magnets to capture prospects' attention
- Designing compelling landing pages and opt-in forms

Effective Content Marketing
- Creating valuable and engaging content that attracts and educates potential leads
- Leveraging various content types, including blogs, videos, eBooks, and webinars

Social Media and Lead Generation
- Harnessing the power of social platforms to connect with and capture leads
- Strategies for lead generation on different social media channels

Email Marketing for Lead Nurturing
- Building and nurturing relationships with leads through email marketing
- Creating automated email sequences and drip campaigns

Paid Advertising for Lead Generation
- Developing effective paid advertising campaigns to acquire leads
- Budgeting, targeting, and optimizing ad spend for maximum ROI

Lead Scoring and Qualification
- Implementing lead scoring systems to prioritize and qualify leads
- Identifying sales-ready leads for conversion

CRM and Lead Management
- Leveraging Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for lead tracking and management
- Integrating CRM with your lead generation efforts

Conversion and Measurement
- Strategies for converting leads into paying customers
- Analyzing lead generation metrics and optimizing campaigns for success

Introduction to Data Scraping
- Understanding the importance of web data scraping in various industries
- Legal and ethical considerations in data scraping

Web Technologies and Protocols
- Exploring the fundamentals of web technologies (HTML, CSS, HTTP, etc.)
- Understanding how websites structure and deliver data

Choosing the Right Tools
- Evaluating data scraping tools and frameworks
- Selecting the best tools for your specific data extraction needs

Basic Web Scraping
- Initiating your first web scraping project
- Extracting structured data from static web pages

Advanced Web Scraping Techniques
- Handling dynamic and interactive web pages
- Scraping data behind login walls and forms

Data Parsing and Cleaning
- Structuring and cleaning scraped data for analysis
- Converting data into usable formats (CSV, JSON, etc.)

Scalability and Efficiency
- Scaling your data scraping operations for large-scale projects
- Optimizing scraping efficiency and reducing errors

API Scraping and Integration
- Extracting data from APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
- Integrating scraped data into your applications or analysis tools

Data Storage and Management
- Managing and organizing scraped data efficiently
- Exploring database options for storing and retrieving data

Ethical Considerations and Compliance
- Navigating ethical and legal challenges in data scraping
- Ensuring data privacy and respecting website terms of service

  • How to create a blogging website?
  • How to build a one-page WordPress website?
  • How to create a landing page?
  • How to design an Education website on WordPress?
  • How to design a Travel website on WordPress?
  • How to create an eCommerce Website on WordPress?
  • Resources Library 1k+ Pro Tools
  • Free of Cost
  • Ebooks 
  • Templates
  • One Month Menternship
  • Develop Mindset
  • Growth Hacking

Marketing is Going Digital Why Should Learning be Left Offline?

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Doubts And Solutions

Below are a few common and frequently asked questions regarding our Live Website Development course.

WordPress is a platform that allows you to create blogs, websites, eCommerce stores, etc., and manage the content on them without coding or programming. For example, you can start your own blog, change its layout, publish articles easily, and earn money from it.

You can also design eCommerce websites using WordPress and sell products or services from it. Since it is very easy to use, customize, manage, and run, WordPress is today used by more than 83% of total websites on the internet.

No. You don’t need any knowledge of coding or programming. WordPress allows you to build websites without writing any code. In this course, you will master all the skills required to become a WordPress website designer.

Yes. Since this is a skill-based online WordPress course with certificate, you don’t need to have any degree or graduation.

Yes. This is a WordPress online course with a certificate. You will get professional certification from MS Digital Institute, which you can add to your resume and easily explore good job opportunities.

You will get access to the recordings of the missed class that you can watch anytime. If you get any doubts, you can ask everything to the mentor in the next class.

At MS Digital Institute, you get the best online course on WordPress, with regular live classes by industry experts, hands-on various types of WP projects, certification, placement assistance, and proper guidance.

Yes. These online WordPress live classes cover everything from basics to advanced in a detailed manner.

There are several advantages of learning WordPress:

  • Build your own blogging website
  • Create an appealing website for your business and grow it
  • Create an eCommerce website for your own business
  • Start a web development company and design websites for others
  • Start freelancing and get high-paying WordPress projects

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